Individual Messages

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93. Scientist with Faith
Purdue University
February 05, 2021

92. Healing a Blind Man and Lessons for Us
Luke 18:35-43
Chinese Church
Amhurst, Massachusetts
September 05, 2021

91. “Elevating Scripture in the Life of Your Family” with Dr. James Tour: Making the Study and Application of Biblical Teachings a Priority
Dr. Tour was interviewed on “The Almost Amazing Dinner Party,” a show for families seeking to raise children who love and follow Jesus, hosted by Jennifer Dennis and Justin Kellough.
CityRise Network, Houston
Originally aired: June 30, 2021

90. The Man with Two Problem Sons
Shiloh Bible Church,
Fayetteville, New York
July 04, 2021

89. Believing, Obeying and Trusting Jesus
Chi Alpha Leader Advance Program
Texas A&M University
August 16, 2020

89. Practicing Scientist with Faith in Jesus and a Call to Salvation
Amherst Chinese Christian Church (via Zoom)
Amherst, Massachusetts
July 05, 2020

88. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Easter Sunday Morning
West University Baptist Church
Houston, TX
April 12, 2020

87. Interview on Origin of Life
BreakPoint Podcast
March 09, 2020

86. A Scientist with Faith in Jesus, plus Q&A
The University of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma
February 13, 2020

85. Practicing Science While Believing in the Resurrection
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
November 13, 2019

84. Origin of Life, Evolution, Gospel Call
Inspire Church
Houston, Texas
October 06, 2019

83. Propelling Your Career and a Gospel Call
Rice University Chinese Christian Fellowship
Houston, Texas
September 13, 2019

82. Origin of Life and a Gospel Call
University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, Texas
September 12, 2019

81. Suffering, Sanctification, Salvation, Baptism
1 Peter 3:13-22
West University Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
July 21, 2019

80. Jesus Doing One-On-One Evangelism
John 4:1-38
Indian Church
Houston, Texas
June 15, 2019

79. Messiah’s Suffering Foretold in the Old Testament
Isaiah 52:13–53:12
First Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
April 18, 2019

78. Critique of Proposals on Origin of Life
Biola University
La Mirada, California
March 11, 2019

77. The Be Attitudes
Guest Speaker: John Patrick, MD.
For background, see
February 24, 2019

76. Propelling Your Career
Lakewood Medical Missions Conference
Houston, Texas
February 23, 2019

75. Peace and Salvation
Luke 1:77-80
Shiloh Bible Church, Syracuse, NY
December 23, 2018

74. Origin of Life and Evolution. Fact vs. Conjecture
Neurobiology and Anatomy Department
Departmental Colloquium
University of Texas McGovern Medical School
Houston, Texas
December 13, 2018

73. Chuck McWhirter: Torah and New Testament Authenticity
Guest Speaker: Chuck McWhirter
West University Baptist Church
December 2, 2018

72. Nanotech, the Scriptures, the Gospel Call and Q&A
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, Arizona
September 21, 2018

71. Science and Faith Apologetics:
Origin of Life, Evolution, and Scientific Theory vs. Facts

West University Baptist Church
August 20, 2018

70. Two Sons with Problems
Christian Indo-Pakistan Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
July 22, 2018

69. What Must I Do To Be Saved
Indian Fellowship
April 21, 2018

68. Nanotechnology, Jesus, Origin of Life and Evolution
Syracuse University
April 5, 2018

67. Nanotechnology and Morality
For a symposium on “Computing Morality Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data” at Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel, to a group of Orthodox Rabbis, their Orthodox Jewish students, and invited Christian professors.
March 12, 2018

66. God’s Calling In Spite of My Low Self-Esteem
Chi Alpha Campus Ministry, Rice University
February 12, 2018

65. Christmas Message: God Upsets the Plans
Shiloh Bible Church, Syracuse NY
December 24, 2017

64. God’s View on Life and Death
Oasis Ministry, Houston TX
November 18, 2017

63. Jesus Heals at the Bethesda Pool
John 5:1-25
Telugu Christian Fellowship, Stafford, Texas
January 21, 2017

62. Holy Spirit Separate from Salvation? And What About Tongues?
West University Baptist Church
October 16, 2016

61. Does Science Make Faith Obsolete?
Biola University
Los Angeles, California
September 30, 2016

60. James Tour and John Lennox discuss:
Cosmic Chemistry. Do Science and God Mix?

Rice University
Houston, Texas
September 28, 2016

59. Our Responsibility to Scripture, Faith, Worship and Service
Indian Telugu Church, Houston, Texas
July 23, 2016

58. Impact of the Scriptures on the Life of the Professional (Plus Q&A)
Medical Missions Conference
Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas
February 20, 2016

57. Interview of Jim Tour on His Life in Science
People Behind the Science Podcast
February 1, 2016

56. Has Science Buried God? (plus Q&A)
Rice University
Houston, Texas
September 29, 2015

55. Psalm 16
Crosspoint Church
Houston, Texas
July 19, 2015

54. Reflections on Scripture
Upper Room Christian Fellowship
West Lafayette, Indiana
July 12, 2015

53. Temptations of Jesus
Matthew 4:1-11
Bethel Church, Houston, TX
March 1, 2015

52. Faith, Science and Reflections on Chemical Mechanisms in Darwinian Evolution
Houston, TX
September 20, 2014

51. Validity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Campus-wide Ministry Event
Rice University
April 15, 2014
Please click here to download Dr. Tour’s slideshow (Powerpoint)

50. Science, Faith, Chemical Mechanisms and Reflections on Darwinian Evolution
Trotter Prize Lecture
Texas A&M University
April 7, 2014

49. A Former Devout Muslim Speaks on “Why Jesus?”
A Friend of Jim Tour: Dr. Nabeel Qureshi
West University Baptist Church
April 14, 2013

48. Validity of the Resurrection Account
Rice University, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
March 26, 2013
Download the presentation slides

47. Testimony of Salvation of Two Rice University Students
C. Ayala & J. Godoy
March 10, 2013

46. Blind Eye and Deaf Ear
Bethel Church, Houston, Texas
December 2, 2012

45. Nanotech and Jesus Christ
Veritas Forum
Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA
November 1, 2012
For the video of the Veritas lecture, including the one hour Q & A session, click here.

44. Heavenly Vision
Navigators Campus Ministry
Rice University
September 10, 2012

43. Seeking God’s Will
West University Baptist Church
Houston, TX
July 15, 2012

42. Resurrection of Jesus
Easter Sunday
Houston, Texas
April 8, 2012

41. Scripture’s Impact
March 11, 2012
Houston, Texas

40. The Living Water From Jesus
Oasis Ministries, Houston Medical Center
Houston, TX
November 12, 2011

39. When Does the Holy Spirit Come Upon the Believer?
Agape Campus Ministry, Rice University
Houston, TX
November 11, 2011

38. The Good Samaritan
Rice University Navigators
Houston, TX
November 5, 2011

37. My Coming to Faith
Fort Bend Community Church
Missouri City, TX
September 17, 2011

36. Nanocars and Scripture’s Impact on My Life
Christian Medical and Dental Student Organization, National Meeting
Santa Cruz, CA
April 28, 2011

35. My Life in Academics
Agape Ministry, Rice University
January 21, 2011

34. Recovering All
Christian Medical and Dental Association, U. Texas Medical School
January 13, 2011

33. Faith of a Scientist
Forest Bend Chinese Church
September 24, 2010

32. Prosperity in the Cross
Bethel Church, Houston, TX
July 11, 2010

31. Nanotechnology and the Impact of Scriptures on My Life
Priority Associates Luncheon, Hyatt Regency, Houston, TX
June 16, 2010

30. Abide in Jesus
Bethel Independent Presbyterian Church, March 11, 2010

29. Psalm 32
Agape Christian Ministries, Rice University, Nov 6, 2009

28. My College Journey as Believer in Jesus
University of Houston InterVarstity, Houston, Sept 11, 2009

27. “Need for the Scriptures”
A message delivered to Houston Chinese Church,Houston, Feb 27, 2009

26. How I Came to Jesus
A message delivered to Baptist Student Ministry, Rice University, Houston, Jan 7, 2009

25. A salvation message delivered to visiting Asian professionals
A salvation message delivered to visiting Asian professionals, Second Baptist Church, Houston, May 19, 2008

24. If the Resurrection Had Been Fabricated?
A message delivered to West University Baptist Church, Easter 2008

23. The Resurrection, Now What for Me?
A message delivered to Campus Crusade at Rice University on March 21, 2008

22. My Journey
A message delivered to the Persian-Christian Fellowship at Second Baptist Church, Houston on March 16, 2008

21. The Power of Scripture Meditation
A message delivered to Grace Community Church, Hilton Head, SC
May 27, 2007

20. If the Resurrection Had Been Fabricated
A message delivered to Campus Crusade for Christ at Rice University
April 6, 2007

19. My Testimony and Salvation Message
A message delivered to the American-Chinese Fellowship in Houston, TX
February 23, 2007

18. Fruits of an Ethical Life
A message delivered to the Houston Baptist University College of Business
February 5, 2007

17. Righteousness, Manhood, Womanhood
A message delivered to the Christian Medical and Dental Student Association in Houston, TX
January 11, 2007

16. Christmas Message
A message delivered to Shiloh Bible Church in Syracuse, NY
December 24, 2006

15. Virgin Means Virgin
A message by Arnold Fruchtenbaum about Isaiah 7:14
December 9, 2006

14. What Jesus Had to Say About Marriage
A message delivered to Bethel Independent Presbyterian Church
October 24, 2006

13. Thirsting for God or Perishing
A message delivered to Campus Crusade for Christ at Rice University
April 21, 2006

12. Calling on the Name of God
A message to K-5th grade students, Second Baptist School
April 20, 2006

11. The Resurrection
April 16, 2006

10. Receiving God’s Forgiveness
A message delivered to West University Baptist Church
March 12, 2006

9. Fundamentals of Faith
A message delivered to Bethel Presbytarian Church
February 26, 2006

8. Importance of Quiet Times
A message delivered to InterVarsity at Rice University
January 19, 2006

7. Commencement Address, Second Baptist School
April 19, 2000

6. University of Houston Scriptural Meditation
November 18, 2005

5. Funeral Service for Professor Richard Smalley
Speakers: James Tour, Hugh Ross and Ben Young
November 2, 2005

4. The Cost of Discipleship
A message delivered to Campus Crusade for Christ at Rice University
October 21, 2005

3. The Evidence for the Physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ
March 27, 2005 with accompanying PowerPoint slides

2. How to Pray
January 30, 2005

1. Impact of the Scriptures/Faith of a Scientist
August 15, 2004