Life Science

Where do the birds go?
Why do the bees follow?
Why do you bleed me
and leave me feeling hollow?

I only wanna be
Your living fantasy
A cure for your disease
It’s all around us, see

but you get lost in hypotheses
help me please
I’m no experiment
I’m not some data baby

You get lost in analyses
Look at me
I’m here in front of you
I’m right here in front of you

I’ve got my questions questions
I’ve got to feel real
You’ve got you life science
I want your real deal

We’re talking less and less and
I’ve got to feel real
Is this your life science?
Is this your real deal?

Where do the birds fly
to in the winter time?
What makes a firefly
light up the night sky?

It’s all surrounding me
Inside and out of me
The mountains and the sea
We’re all one big laboratory

Lyrics and music by Bram Barker