I can rap it, I can rock it
like a volcano so hot
I’m at the center of the Earth
to melt it down and hip and hop it
making magma out of rock
and when it cools again I’ll sock it to you
-igneous rock it to ya!
I'll igneous rock it to ya!

Sedimentary rock is
compacted naturally like
all those layers that you see in the
Grand Canyon, that’s what we
call “strata”
Limestone in the sea is made of
remains of tiny organic
things that used to be living
but now have become sedimentary

The rock cycle, is elementary
magma cools to form
igneous crumbles to

From igneous, and sedimentary
to metamorphic
and then of course it
goes back to the beginning

I’ve got the Ace I’ve got the King
I hold the cards twenty-four/seven
On a scale of one to ten
of the hardest I am eleven
Scratch a diamond every time I find ‘em
in the rough. I’m into rhymin’
science all the time
and so you’ll find
me talking metamorphic rocks
and when their minerals align to look
like pages in a book
it’s foliated
metamorphic rocks
have undergone a change
it’s how they’re made
from pressure, heat, or both
and now the most
amazing thing is
I’ve still got the Ace, the King
and now your precious diamond ring
my metamorphic bling
I float, I sting
I wrote this thing to gloat and sing of
understanding metamorphic ROCK!

Lyrics and music by Bram Barker