New asphalt captures its own weight in CO2

January 8th, 2015

Rice scientists turn asphalt into an effective, environmentally friendly carbon-capture material for use at natural gas wellheads. James Tour, the T.T. and W.F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, professor of computer science and of materials science and nanoengineering, is quoted. Postdoctoral associate Almaz Jalilov and graduate students Gedeng Ruan, Chih-Chau Hwang, Desmond Schipper, Yilun Li, Huilong Fei and Errol Samuel and lab assistant Josiah Tour are mentioned.

Scientists create new cheap asphalt material that can capture and store carbon
Science World Report

Roads could provide the answer to capturing carbon emission

Cheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon capture: Rice University chemists’ product aims to enhance natural gas production at sea
Nanotechnology Now (This article also appeared in Science Daily and 16 other media outlets.)

Asphalt derivative paves way for ‘green’ carbon capture at natural gas wells
World Industrial Reporter

Material derived from asphalt captures carbon
Big Think

Rice University researchers report cheap asphalt provides ‘green’ carbon capture
Cypress Creek Mirror

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